Api to fetch newly uploaded videos



hai is there any api is available to fetch newly uploaded videos or uploaded videos in twitter???




awesome @abhishek_pyro thankyou… and this is for ads account i need to get videos from public accounts too for that any api is available


and also i need to know if any video is uploded from twitter i need to fetch that video is there any way any one please update me


@mano63124588 is this possible you can try it out with twurl, the API mentions nothing about an ad account, just that its under the ads api but I feel even a normal account would suffice.

Also regarding any videos uploaded from twitter, I don’t think there is a way to find that out, the API response does not return the source of truth.


@abhishek_pyro i have tried for using that to my normal account i am getting response as sorry this page is not available


i am asking like (youtube has provided the api to fetch newly uploaded videos) like this any api to or anyother way to fetch videos only from twitter @abhishek_pyro


any one please let me know… about this


You can try the Search API, with a filter:native_video query eg: https://twitter.com/search?f=tweets&vertical=default&q=filter%3Anative_video&src=typd


wow awesome its really helpfull for me thankyou @IgorBrigadir