API to access analytics data (engagements, impressions, clicks, retweets likes etc)



We have a requirement to get the mentioned analytics data - engagements, likes, etc.
In another question in the forum:

It was answered that there is no public API available to do this and one should access through GNIP which is commercial.

In the Ads API documentation, I have seen the below REST request whose response contains the required analytics fields:


So using this REST request, can we get the analytics data for any account? or is Ads API any different from general twitter accounts?


The data in the Ads API is not necessarily the same as for the Engagement API because it is scoped for promoted content - you need an Ads Account for this to be meaningfully used. Additionally, the Ads API requires whitelisting for access and legitimate Ads partner-related use cases in the application for access. You’re welcome to use this for promoted content but be aware that it will not necessarily be as comprehensive or identical to the Engagement API.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for the prompt reply. We have an App which has access to Ads API. (Our App ID is 6957762). So, through this if I access the REST url:


and give an associated account-id as parameter, will the response I get have values identical to what I see in the Tibco Analytics page (https://analytics.twitter.com/user/TibcoDev) or these values will be different to that in the UI?


They may be different, for the reasons described above. The Ads API is focused on promoted content and the information would be more likely to match the ads dashboard (ads.twitter.com) rather than the analytics dashboard (which covers all of a user’s content).


Ok… the conclusion is, for a general twitter account (such as my account - @TibcoDev) if I need the data metrics like retweets, likes, clicks… the only ways is through the commercial GNIP? The reference question I posted in the beginning is pretty old, so just wanted to confirm if there is any other way implemented recently.


The Engagement API is the best solution. There is no current plan to produce an alternative API. You can follow our plans via the API roadmap.

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