API stream - can I stream tweets from more than one user into an embedded feed?


I have set up a public service live feed on a website.

The aim is to bring together several different users all tweeting about crime but not using specific geolocations or hashtags.

I have a live feed and can pick up tweets from one user.

I am unclear about how to add more users.

At present the code looks like this…

%twitter (“from:sussex_police”, “from:SgtPeterAllan”, heading=“LIVE SUSSEX CRIME TWEETS”, maxTweets=“100”, height=“800px”, timeFormat=‘relative’)

At the moment the only user that shows in the feed is @sussex_police.

Where am I going wrong?


The best thing to do in this scenario is to create a Twitter List with all the users you want to follow as being members of that list. Then, use the widget tool on https://twitter.com/about/resources/widgets/widget_list to configure the widget to watch that list.


Thank you.

I tried the list widget which would work a treat for this purpose but our website won’t allow the script code.

Any other ideas? We are only able to use macros, which for this purpose seem limited.


In that case, I’ll try to help you despite not knowing anything about your macro system.

Try a query like this instead:

%twitter ("from:sussex_police OR from:SgtPeterAllan", heading="LIVE SUSSEX CRIME TWEETS", maxTweets="100", height="800px", timeFormat='relative')

(It’s a single, compound query where the from:USERNAME query components are separated by " OR " boolean operators.)


HI i went through all u r documentation of streaming api.I want to use User stream for real time update.
https://userstream.twitter.com/2/user.json by using this,but it asking for username and password but wen i entered username and password it says ,basic auth is not supported,pls let me know how to use it.


You must use [node:3240] to connect to the User Streams API. First you’ll need to register an application on this site, then generate an access token for yourself, and then I recommend choosing an OAuth or Twitter library for the language you are most comfortable in and learning how to connect to the API using OAuth.

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