Api Search Tweets doesn't include RT




since July 19, we have reported that when you use the Api Search, and you query a hashtag, the number of tweets with “retweeted_status” on has decreased a lot.

We search every 15 minutes, trying to find new tweets with the hashtag included. We have been always able to get RTs, but since July 19, we miss almost 80% of those tweets (RT with hashtag included).

Is there any open issue?



Not that I am aware of. The Search API may omit hashtags or Tweets that have been marked as spammy, though, so there are possible reasons for that drop. You might find that using the Streaming API is more effective for your use case?

(do you mean July 19, or May 19?!)


I am sorry, yes I would mean May 19.

The fact that we see is that for all hashtags we track, we have seen a drop since May 19, when using search API. I can’t believe that all hashtags/tweets we track are marked suddenly as spammy.

If there is not any issue? is there any change in the spam detection?

Yes, we’ll consider streaming API, but for the short term is not a solution for us.



I’m not aware of any changes or issues in this area. So you’re saying that the web search results consistently show more new Tweets within a 15 minute window containing your hashtags than the search API, and that this started after May 19? Can you provide any examples?


No, I am saying that web search and Api search do the same. But in both cases, if you for example search for the hashtag #HaierEasyPhone, before May 19, the API returned all tweets that used that hashtag and ALSO the RTs of tweets with that hashtag. The difference is that now, the API only return tweets (new tweets or replies) with the hashtag but not RTs.


I’m not seeing any results for that search term before May 19 on the web search (and the API will only search back within the past 7 days on an incomplete index), and I don’t see any retweets in the results on the web when I don’t specify a date index. I’m not able to comment on why you wouldn’t be seeing retweets in the results, I’m afraid.


This is our concern, that since May 19, we can’t get Retweets when using Api Search. Even when querying on hashtags that we see that are done in a 15 minutes window.

We get Replies and new Tweets, but we have noted an important drop on the RTs returned by the Search Api. It would be great, if you could find out something.