API request limit


I want to develop an application based on trends/available and trends/place API but I have a little problem.

Both API allowed only 15 request in 15 min window, for available it’s enough (5 min cached data so I ask the woeid every 5 min) but after that I want to get the details (trends/place) by woeid. The trends/available return a lot item (more than 15 and every 5 minute) and I want to query each by woeid.

How can I do that?


Actually it seems like an absolute overkill to query GET trends/available each 5 minutes. This data isn’t very likely to change that quickly as far as I know, so you should be fine caching it at least for an hour or so.
After that, if I understood you right, you need to get the Trends from all locations available? Then the only way to do it, is to request this endpoint less frequently and cache the data longer. I don’t think that you would miss much, if you cache trends/place for an hour or so, for each location.


Thanks your answer. I find the 5 minute cache in trends/place documentation. I think if the place cached for 5 minute the trends/available cached 5 minute too. The main problem is the 15/15 limit.
I run a simple query to trends/available and I get 467 item. How can I get the trends for each? Another solution (paid or free) ?


What the Docs say there, is that they cache this locally for 5 minutes. This does not mean that you should cache it for 5 minutes only, too. I see no problem with caching this for much longer than 5 minutes.
Regarding GET trends/available I see no reason at all to cache this for only 5 minutes, as I highly doubt places will change that often.
If you really need more data, @andypiper might now if Gnip offers this? I am not sure, as I am not using it.