API real usage limits?


Hi, i am using oauth.io demon to perform this request multiple times:

POST statuses/destroy/:id.json

Users on my website wants to delete multiple tweets at once, so i would like to know:

How many requests for each user per second?
How many requests for all users per second?

There is no mention about per second limits on the twitter api documentation,
i was also looking for bulk operation but looks like there is no bulk operation option for statuses/destroy request, do i am blind? :smiley:


We do not define “per second” request limits. You can infer possible numbers for this for yourself based on the 15 minute request windows and the numbers of operations possible within them. For the update / delete endpoints, the limits are defined on a daily basis. Note that these may be flexible based on system load or the behaviour of our antispam technology.

There is no bulk option for deleting Tweets and you should be aware of our Automation policy as well.


Hi @andypiper thank you a lot, so, does this means that there is no limit per second?

Because you only specify limits per day at that link.

Does the limit of 2400 tweets is for application or for user token?

I will also have a look at the response headers maybe the help me more to understand.


Only users are able to Tweet, so this is a per user limitation. Applications cannot Tweet without a user context.


Great, thank you! @andypiper

Also i tried using https://dev.twitter.com/rest/tools/console

If i make a GET request i get in response headers: x-rate-limit-remaining:179

If i perform a POST request there is no headers about x-rate-limiting

Why does?


We don’t have rate limits documented for the POST endpoints. This is complicated as it needs to adapt based on load. There is more about this in a couple of other threads:


Again thank you, i have one more question if i may:

Does two API requests, made through the server (not the user browser), passing for each request a different user access token, equals to 2 user calls or 2 server/applications calls ?


If you are using user tokens then those are two separate sets of request pools.


Thank you Andy!