We (FIVERR.COM) are running GET requests from Twitter API (using Python) on a daily basis in order to data about campaigns performance.

We started getting the following error since 3 days ago (started at Saturday 19th of January)

_twitter_ads.error.Forbidden: <Forbidden object at 0x10b9adaa0 code=403 _
details=[{u’message’: u’User 150248263 is not authorized to make this request. Please have them reauthorize with your client application Fiverr.com.’, u’code’: u’INSUFFICIENT_USER_AUTHORIZED_PERMISSION’}]>

User 150248263 Is the actual ID of our Fiverr user in twitter.
Following this Twitter-Developers page, i get the APP ID: 12783313.

Going in to this APP ID, and checking out the tokens, i see that all of them (that can be found here) are set correctly.

Bottom Line:
I’m not sure what this errors means and i can’t DEBUG it successfully.
How do i give the User 150248263 the right permissions to access the Fiverr App?

Thanks !


Hi @shayms88 ,

Please check the following topic.



I tried to re-generate the TOKENS, but unfortunately it didn’t help :expressionless:

We are still getting the same error


Hi @shayms88 ,

How did you regenerate it? Did you use twurl as I mentioned?


@shayms88 ,

FYI, this issue has been fixed:

Now you can regenerate your access token/secret from our developer portal Web UI correctly.


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