API rate limit count is wrong


API rate limit count is wrong
Rate limit of API1.1 had always understood that it is “15 calls every 15 minutes” per endpoint.
But I look like the API of the timeline and dm are counted together and now look at the behavior of.

When Can It Be Fixed?


Can you detail more about what you mean? Each endpoint has its own per-user per-15 minute window rate limit. Some of those limits are 15 calls per. Some of those limits are more than that.

Are you saying that you’re encountering a scenario where multiple methods are pulling from the same pool? If so, can you be more explicit with which methods and include perhaps some rate limit headers that may indicate this or a snapshot of application/rate_limit_status for those resource families?


It is the contents of the header when you call the method continuously home_timeline, direct_messages, direct_messages / sent, the home_timeline.

10-10 11:06:12.385: D/API(19895): http://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json?count=20&include_entities=true
10-10 11:06:13.428: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Limit VALUE:[15]
10-10 11:06:13.428: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Remaining VALUE:[13]
10-10 11:06:13.428: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Reset VALUE:[1349835523]

10-10 11:06:16.335: D/API(19895): http://api.twitter.com/1.1/direct_messages.json?count=20&include_entities=true
10-10 11:06:17.075: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Limit VALUE:[15]
10-10 11:06:17.085: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Remaining VALUE:[12]
10-10 11:06:17.095: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Reset VALUE:[1349835523]

10-10 11:06:17.495: D/API(19895): http://api.twitter.com/1.1/direct_messages/sent.json?count=20&include_entities=true
10-10 11:06:18.025: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Limit VALUE:[15]
10-10 11:06:18.025: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Remaining VALUE:[11]
10-10 11:06:18.025: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Reset VALUE:[1349835523]

10-10 11:06:20.755: D/API(19895): http://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/home_timeline.json?count=20&include_entities=true
10-10 11:06:21.415: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Limit VALUE:[15]
10-10 11:06:21.425: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Remaining VALUE:[10]
10-10 11:06:21.425: D/KEY(19895): HEADER :X-Rate-Limit-Reset VALUE:[1349835523]


I’ve also just encountered this problem, where /home_timeline and /direct_messages calls seem to ‘share’ the same limit. Also, on checking the /application/rate_limit_status.json for both limits, they always show:
{“limit”:15,“remaining”:15, …}


This issue is being rectified. Read https://dev.twitter.com/discussions/11618