API petitions not working from my IP


Hello there.

I have a problem with a WordPress plugin in my site. It’s not working since yesterday.
The call giving me the error is file_get_contents(http://cdn.api.twitter.com/1/urls/count.json?, and when the request fails, it gives this error: failed to open stream: HTTP request failed!

I have tested to do a curl with the URL, and it works in every place but this servers.

Is there any place in which I can see if my IPs are blacklisted and a method to whitelist them?


AFAIK, using that endpoint directly is discouraged: Retrieving URL Tweet counts on the backend


I did it via curl, and I’m seeing if I still have timeouts.

I’ll keep you posted.


Which WordPress plugin is this one? I’d like to help the author to update it. As @IgorBrigadir says, that endpoint is not intended for public use and is not documented or supported, so you are on your own here. There’s no mechanism for disclosing the status of your IP address, but calls to this endpoint from unauthorised servers may indeed lead to automated blocking from our side.

Additionally, with the upcoming button redesign, you’re likely to lose access to these legacy URLs.

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