API Limit


Hello am planing on build a twits map and provide some analysis of it, for that i need to pre-fetch all the information in advance, am planing to do that region based the problem is that the 450 request is not going to be enough, taking into account that am doing this only maybe 1 or 2 times a day is there a way to raise that number? lets say i want to get all twits for each county in the us that’s probably going to take more than 450 call per county since the count of elements in each response is only 100.
Thank you


One thing you can do is require end-users to authenticate and then leverage their rate limits when working on their behalf.

Otherwise, you’ll just need to spread your requests out beyond rate limit boundaries… It might take more than 15 minutes to gather the data you’re after.


Exactly, my plan was to make extensive use of your api to get trend and latest tweets but most likely not letting the user to engage , since am using it as statistic, so am not really interested in letting the user engage in a tweet although i might display some…
so i guess my question is. is there a way to raise the bar or to access that information in a different way? notice that i would only take the last 12 or 24 hours tweets for each region, won’t ask for the while week since am keeping track.


You should just find a way to make it work given the limits you already have. You could use a mix of app-only auth and user-based auth with a single user representing your application. That would yield you another 180 requests per 15 minutes to search/tweets.