API Limit reached with 20 tweets?



We’re receiving error codes “185”, ie “User is over daily status update limit.” but we are way below any number I’ve read about in the guidelines, and the account is mostly filled with non-api tweets.

We had 16 tweets today sent through the API.

is it a bug ? Have we done wrong ?



Write limits like these are completely owned by the user – whether those tweets are created by an app or otherwise, the limitations are coming from the same pool. Users have a daily posting limit of 1,000, but that limit is further divided into roaming periods of time with smaller allotments. There are no programmatic means to determine the current number of tweets an account can still issue.


Thanks, still I don’t see how with our today numbers we can have reached any post limit.

16 tweets via API, 30 maybe from web interface. Doesn’t come close to 1000.


The 1000 limit is subdivided further into roaming windows of time. Replies, tweets and retweets, regardless of origin, all contribute to these roaming limits. It is not disclosed how many tweets you can issue in the roaming period, nor the duration of the roaming period.


@episod, this error occurred for me after 12 tweets during 45 minutes. Would it be a problem?


I was trying to do my first tweet in 24 hours when I got that error.
It doesn’t make any sense.