API Keys not workin?


I’m new to twitter API, but I’m pretty sure I’m doing everything right to call for searching tweets. After testing everything, the only issue I am left with is my API Keys aren’t validating. I have even re generated Keys. I’ve noticed on another thread that this was mentioned last week. Is there an on going issue with new Keys or is it just me?


There should not be an issue (I’m not aware of one, anyway). The only “tricky” thing that sometimes catches folks out, is that when you regenerate keys and tokens, you need to ensure you refresh the page on apps.twitter.com so that it is showing the new ones, before copying/pasting them into your code.

Which language and Twitter library are you using, and what error are you seeing?


Thanks Andy,
I’ve resolved the issue. It was exactly what you said, when I regenerated keys I never refreshed the page for consumer keys and continued using the dead one.


That’s great! sorry for the problem you encountered, it has caught me out once or twice myself though :slight_smile: enjoy.


I have refreshed the page and my keys dont work, I have an identical app that runs fine so I know the script Im using isnt at fault as it is identical except for the consumer keys.

When I made the last app I had to test on OAuth and it then gave me the consumer keys, it doesnt do this now and the API keys definatly dont work


You should be able to generate OAuth keys lower down the apps.twitter.com page, without needing to use the OAuth test tool.