API Issue With Wordpress Plugin



Hey guys,

I hope I’m asking this question in the right area. I’m trying to add Twitter to the plugin and it was working on a development site, but not on a new site we just launched. Everything seems to work until I add the Twitter Access Token Secret, which basically closes the site down and makes everything go white. Has anyone run into this issue that can help me?



Is this Twitter’s official Wordpress plugin? I don’t think there’s any requirement to add an access token secret in our plugin.


This is a different plugin. It’s done through “Connect” and connected to Social Accounts so people can see your follower count. Here’s a screenshot:


I’m also getting the error “Rate Limit Exceeded” when I try to run through the instructions again.


I think you’ll need to ask the plugin author for assistance.


I’m getting Rate Limited Exceeded on Twitter though when it tells me I need to make an “App”


How many apps have you created today? There’s a limit to prevent people creating keys en masse.


None today. I tried it a few times over the past few days, but they didn’t work and made my website page go blank. Any ideas?


So now I can create an app and I’ll try to run through the steps again, but I feel like it’ll be the same outcome. Any ideas why when I put the Twitter Access Token Secret it crashes my site?


Hey guys,

The process worked on our dev site, but not on our live site. Any ideas?


Since it’s highly possibly that the problem is related to either plugin or something domain specific to Wordpress - I would advise you to post to a community like stackoverflow or reddit and see if you can find anyone willing to help debug, for what it’s worth I can find a previous post about debugging Wordpress issue that sounds sort of similar:


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