API GET search/tweets by geocode not falling back to profile location


I have recently been building and running an application to search tweets by keywords and within a specific location. This has been working fine until today but now it is only returning tweets that have been specifically geotagged.

The API documentation says that results will be returned on users profile location if not on tweet:
“The location is preferentially taking from the Geotagging API, but will fall back to their Twitter profile.”

Has this recently changed to only return tweets that are specifically geotagged??


I’m experiencing the same thing. Can someone at Twitter please fix this?


We’re looking into it.


We also experienced the results with geocode search to drop dramatically (down to 5% of normal). This started on 21st November. I hope this is related, and it would get fixed soon… We are missing a lot of relevant conversations, and it’s already affecting to business.

Do you have any news on the fixing schedule?


We’ve recently deployed a fix for some of the issues described here (see this other thread for a lot more detail).

We do not currently have a timeline that we can provide for resolution but we are working on it.