API-generated tweets appear in Mentions but NOT in Interactions


I’m struggling with an issue presenting itself on twitter.com (mobile and desktop), twitter apps for iOS/Android/Blackberry and the Tweetdeck desktop app.

My application generates tweets using the @hashfooteryBot account (via API 1.1) to send notifications to players of a twitter-based sports prediction game. Players of the game have recently not been seeing these the majority of these notification tweets in their Interactions stream if they use twitter.com / Twitter mobile apps / Tweetdeck. But the tweets are visible in their mentions on these clients. Users of third-party apps have no problems seeing the tweets in their mentions.

My understanding is that if a tweet is in your Mentions, it should appear in your Interactions. What’s going on here? The issue isn’t affecting 100% of tweets, some API-generated tweets are appearing in users’ Interactions.



Further information has come to light from feedback from users who would like to see the @hashfooterybot tweets appear in their Interactions.

It appears that official twitter plaforms that present the “Interactions” stream (i.e. twitter website (mobile and desktop), twitter mobile apps and tweetdeck) filter out mentions from non-followed users, regardless of the source of the tweet. On Twitter’s mobile apps where you can change the nature of the @connect stream in settings from “All” to “Mentions only”, the latter setting fixes the problem, but surely if users want their @Connect stream to show all interactions, they’d want all their mentions included?

Tweetdeck (testing on windows desktop) doesn’t exhibit this behaviour all the time, but in the majority of cases, which is sort of more disconcerting.

I wonder if this new behaviour by design or a bug?



I’ve had a closer look at my own Interactions stream and it doesn’t bear out the story that mentions from non-followed users are being filtered out of the Interactions stream (on Tweetdeck or twitter.com).

I suspect that some accounts like @hashfooterybot may be flagged as spammy by Twitter and are actively filtered out of the Interactions stream in an attempt to combat spam.

(Note that @hashfooterybot isn’t a spambot in that it only automated mentions to users, who have opted in to our soccer prediction game.)

Can anyone from Twitter confirm that there might be some sort of filtering of this nature happening on the Interactions stream?




they still haven’t fixed it


I’m still affected.

If anyone has found that there’s a solution to this problem then I’d be really interested in hearing about it.

In the meantime, I’ve posted an issue https://dev.twitter.com/issues/1060


how do u fix it


Getting this as well with @AcePictureBot

It is pretty stressful as I want to do more with my bot but this has put me at a standstill.

Hope they easily can fix this.