API for Vine to integrate in our website


Hello Support,

Vine was acquired by microblogging website Twitter in October 2012, just prior to its official launch.

According to above news this is the best place to ask about Vine API.

How can i get access to Vine API so that i can integrate it with our website?


There is an unofficial git available for the vine api listed below. so, do you support it?
can we use it till we don’t hear about official vine api?
git: https://github.com/starlock/vino/wiki/API-Reference

Pratik Satikunvar


Please let us know if there is any update about vine api or it’s authorized access. We are waiting for you response.


Hi, unfortunately we don’t have anything to announce or update on a Vine API at this time. The git repository you posted a link to is not supported or endorsed by the Twitter or Vine teams.