API for regular search without having to login


I have a need to do a couple of searches from within a normal windows program. I’m going to need just public searches (not even a lot, might I add) just like you can do at the homepage in the search box in the site-header. The thing is, I cannot find an API that allows me to do that…

In my case, it doesn’t make sense to couple this functionality to with personal account, nor to the enduser’s account. It’s public and that is exactly what makes sense in this case. So I’m really looking for a publicly accessible search.

That, or I can parse the HTML from the website, but that’s just fiddly. I’d rather not.

Anyone knows what to do?


So how do I do this?


The API requires authentication of some form to be used. Server-to-server you can use app-only auth instead of full user-based OAuth 1.0A. There aren’t client-side solutions for what you’re trying to do beyond our Embedded Timelines.



Why would something as mundane as a publicly accessible search be put behind something so redonkulously complicated as OAuth?

Surely, the search on the website is publicly accessible, even before logging in. Why in the API is login suddenly required? How was this decided by Twitter??