API for pulling Twitter Analytics Data


Is there any public API available which in written in JAVA and can pull analytics insights like ‘impressions’, ‘engagements’ etc. ?

API to access analytics data (engagements, impressions, clicks, retweets likes etc)

You’ve asked this on another thread already.

The Gnip Engagements API is a REST API callable via HTTP so it should be straightforward to use in Java. It is not a public API, it is commercial. There is no public Twitter API which provides this information.


Don’t know the Ads API, and haven’t used this - but check https://github.com/sprinklr-inc/twitter4j-ads & https://dev.twitter.com/ads/version/1 - maybe there’s something useful there.


Going forward I would like asking you that how to avail the functionalities provided by Gnip Engagements API. I need to purchase it. Right? Because I tried the URL for finding Engagements/Impressions as a public REST URL but got ‘403’ Error-code i.e. Forbidden. Means I can’t use it as a public URL.


Yes, correct, the Gnip products are commercial (as I mentioned above). You can contact Gnip to discuss further.