API for new bookmarks?


Are there api methods to read and write tweets from/to bookmarks, so that I can include the new features in my android app?


tl;dr You can read about our API strategy here and see the roadmap here.

There are no current plans for Bookmarks to come to the API - as we stated on the blog nearly a year ago, the API plans are focused on data features and access, more than on delivering client app product features. The roadmap is public and you can follow where we are focusing our attention there. Thanks.

(while we’re discussing the roadmap, I’ll also take this opportunity to remind you that the legacy Direct Message APIs, along with User Streams and Site Streams, are due to be retired on June 19, 2018, so please migrate any code that depends on those endpoints before that time)


Where are bookmarks stored ? On the client (my mobile browser store) or on Twitter servers? In the latter case, how can you define it as “client product” instead of “data” development?


Bookmarks are private to an individual Twitter user’s account, and stored on the backend. As stated above, there are no current plans for API support to be released for this feature of the Twitter app.


Am I understanding this correctly? Bookmarking is a “feature” that allows you to use the mobile app (but not the web app) to bookmark tweets and Bookmarks are not considered user data that would be accessed outside the mobile app.

Are there plans for me to download my Bookmarks with the rest of my account data archive? Or is the underlying Bookmark data available exclusively to the app?


Per yesterday’s announcement

Bookmarks are now rolling out globally on Twitter for iOS and Android, Twitter Lite, and mobile.twitter.com.

There are no plans for an API to support this outside of those apps at the present time, and you can follow the developer platform roadmap at the links I shared above.

I can’t speak to the archive functionality, as that is outside the scope of the developer platform that we cover here on the developer forums. We are unable to comment on future product features or plans beyond the APIs here, but we did share the journey we took in building the bookmarks feature yesterday, and you want to follow future plans via Tweets shared by following relevant product teams on Twitter.

Thank you.