API for getting Conversation of Tweets


I need a API to get the conversation of a Tweets.
I got an API URL i.e.


But it’s not documented in your developer forum, and it seems as an older API version ,
Can you please let me know is there any API available to get the conversation of a tweets in API version 1.1.

Chandan K Samanta


The non-public related_results API will not be part of API v1.1.


Thanks @episod
but is there any API available to get the conversation of a tweets.As it is highly need for my Application.
And if this related_results API is giving the result then why its not a part of Twitter API,if not then twitter should block access to it.


I was using the related_tweets endpoint in V1, and when it was depreciated in V1.1, this caused big problems for the application I was working on.

I had to create a workaround, which I have documented here, http://adriancrepaz.com/twitter_conversations_api

It scrapes Twitter and it’s very reliable.
I’ve used it for the past few months and have successfully returned thousands of conversations.

If Twitter change their markup, I’ll update the code on Github.

Hope it helps,