API endpoint to upload banner image


Will there be an API endpoint to upload a banner/header. Similar to the profile image or background image upload endpoints. If so, when will it be available?

Also will the banner be exposed via the API and added to the user attribute?




+1 mainly for the image url to be returned in a user object like the rest of the profile


The banner image is already part of the user object - at least for API 1.0. Watch out for “profile_banner_url” and add /web or /mobile to the end of the URL.


@janole so there is. appears in both 1 and 1.1 requests. although you do need to know the /web and /mobile trick


We’ll have more details/documentation on this upload and display process soon. Thanks everyone.


Meanwhile, there is also /ipad version of the profile_banner_url.


We’ve announced this support here: [node:11375]. Thanks everyone!


Also, the documentation for POST account/update_profile_banner says that it may return HTTP 422 if the image is too large, however 422 is not listed as a possible HTTP response code at https://dev.twitter.com/docs/error-codes-responses.