API Bug,Stolen Keys,API Hack


Hello everyone,
I have got an application about follower traction. My API was suspending,limiting and killing by Twitter.
I found Twitter’s Deck Application’s,other platforms such as iphone,andorid app. sdk consumer keys and secrets.
I reliased people who sells twitter followers they are using this way.
Actions,requests are limitless with this way because they also show their applications like %100 offical app. to Twitter.

Basicly they are mocking with Twitter.

They found this bug last year
I really want to know what kind of justice is it? I help people with right way.
They sell accounts as a follower-service to people.

It is a huge bug and it must be fixed!

Keys are here https://gist.github.com/rhenium/3878505


The bug has been reported to Twitter Security authorities I hope they listen me.