API access still pending approval...and no email


Please help! I submitted an API access request several days ago and it still says “Application under review”. I regularly check my spam folder too for any follow up emails from Twitter…but nothing.

How can I proceed??


We sent you an email several days ago requesting more info on your use case:

In order to complete our review of your application, we need additional information about your use case. The most common types of information that can help expedite our review include:

  • The core use case, intent, or business purpose for your use of the Twitter APIs
  • If you intend to analyze Tweets, Twitter users, or their content, share details about the analyses you plan to conduct and the methods or techniques
  • If your use involves Tweeting, Retweeting, or liking content, share how you will interact with Twitter users or their content
  • If you’ll display Twitter content off of Twitter, explain how and where Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed to users of your product or service, including whether Tweets and Twitter content will be displayed at row level or aggregated

To provide this information to Twitter, reply to the email we sent. If you didn’t get it in your inbox or spam/other folders, please double check that your email doesn’t have any special filters on email sender/recipients. Ensure you have messages from twitter.com whitelisted. We should have emailed “bxxxxxa@thxxxexxrexcx.ca.”


Thanks so much, Hamza. My mistake - I had missed the follow-up email. I’ve just replied to the email with details. Look forward to getting the approval. Thank you again!