Api Access for different website


We’re are working on developing 3 different website.
One based on Forex and Signal for trading online. This one should be need to make several request api in order to show updates in trend in our forex application for out follower.

One based on ClassifiedAds. This one should be post few time daily based only on how many ads will be posted from customer in site.

One is like a portal with different arguments and staff. This one should make few post hourly and then stop for hours or can post several update in few minutes and stop again for hours. It depends on news articles and so on so forth updated in databases.

Is it right create one different account for each domain with its own application or we can aggregate all under 1 single Account?

As it should run as different application is best solution move each one under separate webservers (one app for server in example) where we host the single process with its own IP address or we can host all in a single IP?

Which the best/right way to make that without break any twitter rules or policies?


These should all have different API keys. You can use the same account to own them, but each one of these “apps” should be separate as they have different purposes and domains.