API 1.1 Guidelines: Client vs. Enterprise Client


Our startup, SiftPro, is currently developing an application that helps companies pre-screen tweets for compliance violations (SEC, FINRA, NCAA, etc.) before they’re pushed out to the world. This compliance model requires the company or organization’s members to use our twitter client so that we can ensure they aren’t violating any regulations. Under the new API rules of the road, would this be this considered an enterprise client? We only sell to organizations and companies and aren’t mass consumer facing.

Any advice/guidance would be greatly appreciated. We’d like to get as much clarity as possible on how our product fits into the new guidelines.


Really hoping to get some input on this topic. We submitted a help ticket to twitter’s Dev support over 2 weeks ago, but haven’t received any response yet. We’ve tried every avenue possible (e-mail, tweets, etc), but haven’t heard from those channels either.

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!



You may find it most beneficial to wait until the new guidelines and API documentation is published, along with the avenues of inquiry made available to you at that time.


Thanks! I appreciate the follow-up