@anywhere with t.co links


Good day all,

I added a tweetbox with twitter anywhere on a dev site. The t.co wrapper doesn’t seem to work. Nothing happens
I set “t.co links wrapping for all URLs” to “yes” in my app settings.
I’m calling the tweet box like this:

                    twttr.anywhere(function(T) {
                            height: 100,
                            width: 500,
                            counter: true,
                            data: {
                                wrap_links: true
                            defaultContent: document.location.href.split("?")[0].split("#")[0] + " #hashtag"

Neither the counter or the tweet seems to have a t.co link. Did I miss something ?
When I look at the twitter profile, the link is just http://www.foobar.com/

Thank you for your help


@Anywhere doesn’t have awareness of t.co in that way, so will not adjust the character counter appropriately.

Your links will be wrapped by t.co upon submission of a tweet.


Furthermore, it currently disables the Tweet button when count is > 140 (even when it will not be after URL wrapping) … I have my own counter for @Anywhere but do I really need to hack it so that I re-enable the tweet button after you disable it? Can you please update @anywhere so it’s aware of Twitter’s URL wrapping policy?