@anywhere will not sign out



I’ve got an @anywhere implementation on a site I’m developing, and everything works as I want to, except for signing out of a user who has connected with Twitter.

I make sure that twttr.anywhere.signOut() is run during logout of users, I even manually delete the twitter_anywhere_identity cookie as well, but as soon as you go back to any page with the connect with twitter functionality it says connected with twitter, and the cookie reappears immediately.

This applies even when I revoke the application on my twitter account, and then sign out on top of it, and clear all cookies for my site. The only way I’ve ever managed to sign out of my site with Twitter was when I cleared every last bit of history on my browser!

There are no errors relating to the twttr.anywhere.signOut() function I can see coming up in firefox’s error console or web console, but I have notice the ‘proxy.installTrigger’ issue coming up quite a bit with twttr object at times, though my understanding is that is a firefox only issue, and I’ve tried this also with Chromium.

anyone know what’s going on? Thanks.