@Anywhere in Shift_JIS pages


I want to use @Anywhere functions in Shift_JIS encoded website, but it does not work on Mac Safari.
@Anywhere scripts (client.js etc.) and iframe html (xd_receiver.html/js) may be handled as Shift_JIS by Safari.

I think this issue is same as “Issue #332: Platform widgets not correctly setting utf-8 char-set causing some SHIFT_JS pages to break.”.


I made a test Shift_JIS page.
You can see a Tweet-box in FF/Chrome.

repro steps:
(1) open Mac Safari
(2) set “Default Encoding” to “Shift_JIS”
(3) clear browser cache
(4) go to http://spaceage.jp/tmp/anywhere.html

There is no Tweet-box.


It’s not likely we’ll be updating @Anywhere to support this use case/context. You may want to investigate using server-side OAuth or our Web Intents instead.