@Anywhere - Customize style of tweetbox


Is it somehow possible to apply custom css styles for the tweetbox when using @Anywhere?


Would LOVE to know the same!


me too


Me too!


Does anyone have a solution for that ?
Or anyone got an easy and secure way to “emulate” a tweetbox, just with a normal textarea and a function like T.tweet({ data }) ?

I just started to have a look at the “normal” Twitter API but I would prefer using the anywhere one :wink:


It’s possible and I’m experimenting with it myself at the time of this writing. You can include your own stylesheet in the label like so:

Note: you will have to increase the version number (v=1) eachtime you've made a change to the stylesheet.


There is an undocumented way. The key is undocumented “complete” callback function, which you can pass with tweetbox config object. It supplies you with the reference to the created tweetbox instance. So now you can manipulate with:

var me = this;
var a = T(’#tweetControls’).tweetBox({
height : 75,
width : 480,
defaultContent : ‘Default Text’,
counter : true,
label : ’ ‘,
complete : function (tweetBox) {
me.tweetBox = tweetBox;
try {
resize : ‘none’,
color : ‘#9B9B9B’,
‘font-family’: ‘Arial’,
‘font-size’: ‘14px’,
border : ‘none’,
background : ‘transparent’,
‘border-radius’: 0,
’-webkit-border-radius’: 0,
’-moz-border-radius’: 0
me.tweetBox.$button.css( {
cursor : ‘hand’,
cursor : ‘pointer’
} catch (e) {
onTweet : function () {
me.tweetBox.setContent(‘Restore default text’);

Notice, API inside tweetbox’s iframe supplies jQuery so you can use it. In general, you can access and style all tweetbox elements. Also you can access additional tweetbox API (like setContent()). See API at http://anywhere.platform.twitter.com/1.2.0/javascripts/tweet_box.bundle.js (format JS first)


Hi everybody, my English is not really good, so first all, sorry for my bad English.
I just want to say thanx a lot, this was really helpful for me. I was looking for a way to manipulate the tweetBox and set a maxlength and finally I got it.

Leave you my solution for someone who need it:

var me = this;
twttr.anywhere(function(twitter) {
twitter(".comments > .add").tweetBox({

complete : function (tweetBox) {
me.tweetBox = tweetBox;
//Setting maxlength to textarea
onTweet : function(plaintext, html) {

Also with Firefox, you can use Firebug to see all the atributes/parameters/functions that you can manipulate!!


Hi everybody, my English is not really good, so first that all the twitter friends box just wanted to say that I am new to this good kiss all ok