Anyone got xAuth permission granted recently?


We have sent multiple emails to asking for permissions for xAuth but never heard back. Have you got replies from them recently?


Have you checked your spam folder to make sure you haven’t missed their replies?

Are you sending emails to them from the same email address associated with a Twitter account that you use in conjunction with development?

Did you get an autoresponse back with a ticket #?

We’re usually very good of completing these requests within 72 hours.


I realize this post is 10wks old…but I’m having the same problem.

I’ve hit in the past and received quick results. I’ve now been waiting - after sending 3 requests for the same app - over 5 wks.

Yes I’ve checked my spam folder.

I’ve used the same email for probably 20 different apps…and now i’m getting silence. We’re trying to ship an app today, and are stuck because we can’t test the ability to connect to Twitter.

Need help, pls!!


Also, your support email has died, so I can’t get any help via that route. And I can’t find a new support email.

And, no, I did not receive an auto-response from your system when I hit - which i’ve now done 3 times for this one app. In the past, I have definitely received the auto-response.

Something is up…


We do have some backlog in processing these requests, but not as dramatic as you may indicate. Response times are typically around 72 business day hours, and with the current backlog you should expect longer than this.

Is the email address you’re emailing from the exact one associated with the twitter @username that owns the application you’re requesting access for? Doubly verify this. We don’t see any tickets in our system from @zumobi. Make sure that when you do send an email that you include every piece of information necessary to make a determination. remains the email address to send these requests to.