Any way to pull daily Twitter page visits and follower addition


We are working on a reporting scenario where we need to show the Follower’s growth and Page Visit statistics. We need to have the new follower’s addition and page visit statistics on daily basis.
I couldn’t find any supportive REST URL which can be requested in order to fulfill my requirements.
Please help me finding the suitable API Call which can furnish the above mentioned information.


There’s no data available for page visits.

You could use the users/show endpoint on a daily basis to check for follower growth.


Convinced on Follower growth but if I visit my analytics page ( then in the very beginning I find the page visit statistics. ‘Page Visits’ is the term used by Twitter for showing the page visit statistics ( whether increased or decreased as compared to previous period).
How does Twitter calculates this end-point?
I guess Twitter doesn’t allow this end-point to be fetched using any API.


Correct - this is not part of the API (and it is also not included in Engagement API data from Gnip).