Any way to avoid Rate Limit blocking



We are using authenticated requests the Twitter REST API.

Queries that are performed are as follows:

  • Direct messages, sent and received.
  • Friendship.
  • Followers.

We are working in an interactive site that uses Twitter’s DM to produce and interaction between an user and the website. Is like an conversation between a video and the authenticated user.

Our experience goes this way:

1.- A user who visits the site authenticates with twitter. After that website validates that the user follows the user @polarpilsen which is the app’s owner. And request the user to follow @polarpilsen if is not following

2.- Once established friendship proceeds to a preload video, where you must select one of the 6 girls who are brand’s image to interact.

3.- From these point website starts sending and receiving DM to make the interaction.

Once the app sends the first DM, are carried out 3 to 6 requests for DM received to validate whether the user gave an answer to continue the interaction, once obtained the answer is again proceeds to the validation sequence dm received and finally a third time a similar sequence, generating a total of between 9-18 DM received checks.

Because of this, when website generates a second chance to interact with another girl the user app gets blocked and can not perform any of the before mentioned consultations.

Is there any way to extend the limit or a special token to avoid this blocking rate?



You’ll need to remain within the documented limits for calling the API endpoints. The application/rate_limit_status.json endpoint may help you to understand how many calls you have left, and there is also information in the response header.