Any plans for Moments API?



Moments are becoming available to more people:

Any plans to include a REST API for Moments? Would be neat to have one that’s similar to Collections.

So far I think you can only embed them. Would be useful to have GET moments/entries endpoints that work like GET collections/entries for example.

Create Moments using Android SDK/REST API?

Thanks @IgorBrigadir!

Actually Moments are themselves based on Collections, with some additional metadata. I’m not currently aware of a plan to add this to the general REST API aside from the embeds, but I’ll add this to our list of requests, and we’ll share more in the future if an API becomes available.


Thanks! Will be very useful if Moments end up sharing an API with Collections.


Just noticed that you can use “Embedded Grid” on to make collections more like moments, at least for embedding


That would be great to have moments support in the API. Especially if they extend the collections API it shouldn’t be too much hassle for tools that already use collections to support it.

It would be a great way to surface information and news on Twitter to a wider audience in my opinion


+1 for access to Moments API

At the very least just let us pass a collection ID that generates a Moment!


+1 on a Moments API

Imagine publishers being able to automatically create a Moment of all the day’s news from their publication. Or automatically being able to convert a tweetstorm into a Moment. Would allow a lot more content for people to consume.


Folks, you can follow our API roadmap online, and offer feedback via the direct feedback channel here. I cannot tell you today that this is a high priority, but we hear, listen to and evaluate every request around how things might work in the future.