Any method to filter / exclude retweets and replies in any stream API method?



From searching around it doesn’t seem so… but trying here in case anything has been updated.

I’m looking mostly to exclude re-tweets. If I am trying to do a live feed of CNN or god forbid Justin Bieber / anyone with millions of followers my server gets bombarded with 20-100+ retweets per second… You can filter out RTs/replies in the search API, so I don’t understand why it’s not a trivial matter to include it in Stream API as well. It seems to be a common request and would lower overhead considerably.

Any chance the Account Activity API (in beta) will allow for filtering?



The Account Activity API is for events related to an account i.e. direct messages, likes, etc. It would not help you in this scenario (it is positioned to replace user and site streams, not the public stream with filter).

There’s no operator to remove retweets or replies on the filter endpoint. The enterprise streaming API (PowerTrack) does include the ability to filter out, or to positively include, retweets and replies. I cannot say if that feature will extend to the standard public stream in the future.


Thanks for the reply. Seems like the best solution for me is to use the Search API with a polling interval.