Any issue with v0 api ...lots of cost limit warning in version v0 api response from last few hours


From last few hours I have seen lots cost limit warning.

Is there any issue ?


Hi @idreaminfinite! What do you mean you lost cost limit warning? You no longer receive the COST LIMIT error? Or are you not receiving the x-request-cost-limit header anymore?


@majoritasdev sorry typo was there …I have corrected the question :slight_smile:


I have not seen any reports of this nor do we have any changes in the last day, so it probably is that your code is using the same token to do stats calls for more than one account and/or running service. Sharing cost limit for multiple accounts has always been the #1 reason for rate limit issues on v0 endpoints.

Officially we are getting close to the end of life for v0 stats so I would encourage you to already start moving over to v1 ASAP.




thannks @JBabichJapan
Yes I am moving to version v1 api and currently testing it.
that shouldn’t be the reason for this issue. correct?


As far as I understand from @JBabichJapan, the cost limit is not shared between v0 and v1, even for the same account. Anyway, as far as I remember, the v1 doesn’t have request cost limits anymore.

@JBabichJapan: please correct me if I’m wrong.


@JBabichJapan yes please confirm …
Is it api version specific or it is token specific (for testing we have to use same tocken)?


@JBabichJapan we are repeatedly hitting with rate limit error-429 …can you please check issue is not your end…its urgent…


Cost limiting was how v0 stats are rate limited, you are given a specific amount of ‘cost’ to retrieve stats for a period of 15 minutes and after you use it, you must wait 15 minutes for the next window to open up. You should inspect the headers to see cost remaining go down after each stats query you do (the more data you request at once, the more cost you will use), and generally follow our best practices:

Your application may not be able to sync all of the stats for an account within a single rate limit window, and may need to run for up to several hours when syncing a lot of data (while waiting for the next windows to open up). A lot of this is simplified with the async job syncing of v1.


Can you please post an example of the headers you receive when you are getting these 429s?


Thanks @JBabichJapan issue is resolved …as you mentioned same token has been used in multiple accounts…