Any calls I can make to determine a duplicate tweet?


I have exposed function for users to be able to make a tweet via this after an action.
We generate a message the user can edit. However this leaves it very open for them sending duplicate messages. Do I need to use the search/tweets api method to find duplicates? Is there an easier way to check if this limitation is hit as the response I’m getting from the twitter is just a 403 which isn’t enough for me to ask the users if they want to delete the last duplicate tweet or they need to make this one unique.



What Twitter considers a duplicate tweet is kind of subject to change and there’s no direct way to determine besides attempting to send a possibly duplicative tweet and getting that response back. The only other alternative I can think of is to review the user’s statuses/user_timeline and make some “guesses” when evaluating user input on whether its duplicative of a recent tweet.