Any C example?


I found a project “twitc” which is programmed in C language, with liboauth and json-c, also need libcurl3-dev, but I cannot make it work on a ubuntu 14.04, all libs was successfully created and installed, but when I tried to run its test programs with “make integration” then failed, all environments was set as instructions, any advise?
or any other C sample programs?
Thanks a lot!


What kind of errors or failures did you see? I don’t have Ubuntu 14.04 handy to test here. Does the project have a bug or issue tracker where you could ask the author for advice?


The problem was solved, thanks for your quick response!


Great, glad to hear you’re able to move forward! Are you able to share the solution in case others come across this thread in the future?


The new install shared library was not found, so run “ldconfig” to update