Any API to get tweet impressions via Twitter API?


Hi all

Is it possible to get the total impressions for a single or list of tweets at this time? I can see that Gnip offers a service which does this, I am yet to receive pricing information from them.

There are various “scraper” tools online to scrape this information from the Analytics CSV export, using a better supported system would be preferred.



The official API is the Engagements API. You’re free to use the CSV download as an alternative but it is not a real-time API, or accessible programmatically.


Thanks @andypiper - How long should I expect to wait for my application to become approved by gnip?


Would it be ok per TOS to script the download of the csv file from weekly? While respecting robots.txt rules.


That is not a documented or supported API endpoint. You are free to do as you choose but you should not expect support or assistance if you take an unsupported route. If you do so then you should be aware that you have no recourse to Twitter Platform Relations or TwitterDev if your solution breaks in the future. Thank you.