@Anwhere hovercard link from icon to profile page broken


The link to the user’s twitter profile from the profile image in an @Anywhere hovercard seems broken on Google Chrome and Firefox. The problem occurs even on the examples on the Twitter dev site. Go to:


hover over one of the usernames in the example, and click on the user’s profile image. It won’t open the user’s twitter profile page. If you click on the username in the hovercard, however, it does work – only the link on the profile image seems to fail.

Looking at the network panel and console in Google Chrome dev. tools, it seems to do with the following error:

Refused to display document because display forbidden by X-Frame-Options.

(If I add the attribute “target=_blank” to the element wrapping the profile img using chrome’s inspector, I can force the correct behavior)

It would be nice if the hovercard were fixed so that clicking on the profile icon worked as expected.