Another...Tweet Count Not Updating


a href=""
data-text=“Check out the looks from @WhatIWore’s #CanvasArrivals blog-up shop ‏@CanvasLandsEnd and join the Arriving Class”

my tweet button count is not updating, an hour ago I added data-counturl and data-count tags, and hope this helps but am yet to see the numbers go up


How are you testing whether it increments or not? The numbers aren’t instantaneous and just tweeting from a test account and waiting a bit isn’t usually sufficient to test.


I have been waiting over a day, also search results do not show anything for the url when I have tweeted it.


yes I am testing weather it increments, It has been over 6 hours and I’m sure twitter cache refreshes faster than that. Why would this not be a valid test? Also when I search for tweets with this url they do not show up when I tweeted from my account with them as a test.


now it has been 24 hours and still not incrementing


I tried this and it worked.

To overcome this issue use:
data-url="short link"
and then tell the twitter which is your direct link with:
data-counturl=“full link”

In this way it worked for me.

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