Another request for Twitter Developer application status



On Nov 17th I submitted my application. Am I still in the developer queue or did I miss an email. Note that this would have arrived at an email inbox that I control and would not have gone into spam, so if it did not arrive then it was blocked by 3rd party filtering software somewhere inline–hence my question/request. Please advise, thank you.


Hi @broadstreetstudios - we sent you a follow-up email on 11/18/2018. I will ask the team here to re-send it to you. However, I suggest you deactivate filtering software that you think may be preventing this email from reaching your inbox.



Any filtering software that might be catching such things would not be on the endpoint that is the machine I use for the email address in question, but rather at the hosting facility. Ie, I rent a rack and know that certain things do get filtered for I’ve had this issue with clients in the past. If I knew the originating email address’s domain I could get it whitelisted, but this wouldn’t be possible to know beforehand obviously =]

Perhaps you can advise further so I can whitelist?

Thank you


The domain for any of our originating emails is always Once you’ve whitelisted the domain, please let me know so I can ping my team to resend any communication that may have got caught in a filter.



Then the domain is whitelisted as I received the emails about my account’s email address and a few issues with this thread. Thank you. I will watch my inbox…


Awesome. I see your application is open and the appropriate team are currently working on this. You should hear from us soon!


Thank you again!

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