Another Question about Auto Expansion




I would dearly like my large twitter card to auto expand when the url is shared on twitter. I see that services like Friends+me somehow expand images associated with url’s with twitter cards. How can I do this when I share the dame url directly on Twitter?

I tried pic.twit urls, but it seems these are part of twitter?

Any help much appreciated.



Cards are displayed expanded in the timeline on the iOS and Android mobile Twitter apps. They are not currently expanded by default in the web timeline, although we have experimented with enabling that in the future. In my experience, a lot of sites that share links on Twitter also attach an image to the Tweet - images are always expanded in the timeline.


Thank you so much.

I do attach images, but when someone shares my website, those images don’t autoexpand. I’d rather others share my work from my website rather than me self promote.

But that’s great information.

Thank you