Anomalous data returned from GET statuses/user_timeline



Recently got a user timeline down (<1000 statuses, oldest status 11 March 2016).
The first couple of statuses showed hashtags in the text field, and presumably therefore in the entities (I only have the original text fields now).

I can still see these statuses in the web client, and in the Android app, but they are missing some of the hashtags.

I downloaded the timeline again today (using the same code and methods as I did on the original d/l), but the statuses with the missing hashtags are not returned this time.

If I do a GET statuses/show:id, the status is returned (but still missing the hashtags. The ‘possibly_sensitive’ field is set as ‘False’

The hashtags in question can be deemed as sensitive/offensive

Is there some server-side filtering going on?

I’m using Python3.5 + Twython3.6.
The authenticating user does not have any filtering set.


Just giving this a bump because I’d really like an answer from Twitter techs on this please - or at least a pointer in the right direction.