Announcing timeline filters in Twitter Kit



Hi everyone! Today we announced availability of a new, experimental feature in Twitter Kit: timeline filters. It’s a new mechanism for you to refine and control the display of Tweets inside your app. You can read the full announcement post on our blog.

Timelines provide an easy way to continuously enliven your apps with Tweets, but we know that you also need control over the content you present to your users.

It’s available now in the Android 2.3 and iOS 2.7 releases of Twitter Kit. We’ve updated the timeline documentation for Android and iOS.

The new timeline filter allows you to define a list of terms, URLs, and usernames, and Twitter Kit will hide any content that matches. You can get all the benefits of an automated timeline of relevant Tweets, while ensuring that the content is tailored to the tone of your app.

The new functionality allows you to store filters in a standalone configuration file. You can reuse filters across timelines in your app, use the same configuration in iOS and Android versions of Twitter Kit, collaborate on terms within your team, and even share them publicly with other developers. We’ve also designed flexibility into this system: bake the configuration into your app binary, or pull down updates from your server or a public source.

This is an experimental feature, so we will continue iterating on it based on your feedback; it’s really important that ensure that it fits well with your app and content workflow. Please join the discussion and let us know what you think, and send us feedback using this form. Thank you so much!

Ben, PM for Twitter Kit