Announcing Q3, 2016 Policy Updates



At Twitter, one of our core values is to defend and respect the user’s voice. We’re always evaluating our policies to ensure they reflect our users’ expectations, relevant legal requirements, and our company’s values.

With this in mind, we’re updating our Developer Policy to clearly describe when and how developers can match a Twitter user’s account with their off-platform identity. We’re making this update to help developers continue to build product experiences that are aligned with the expectations of Twitter users.


  • Added a new section I.C.2 to the Developer Policy (and renumbering accordingly)

This update helps ensure that Twitter users’ experiences are seamless and magical, not surprising or jarring. If you’re going to match people’s real life identities to their Twitter profiles, you must ask their permission first, or do it using only public information or information that they have given to you in a context where they’d expect it to be used to find them on Twitter.

In addition to this policy update, we also recently posted best practices for customer account linking through Sign in with Twitter to our Advertising Blog.