Announcing Q2, 2016 Policy Updates



We’ve made some changes to our Developer Agreement and Developer Policy to reflect recent updates to Twitter Kit, our recent announcement about upcoming changes to the structure of Tweets, and to clarify some of our existing policies.


  • Added a direct reference to the Automation Rules in the Developer Agreement.
  • Removed section II.A.4 from the Developer Policy pertaining to user e-mail addresses. This section is no longer necessary following the introduction of Twitter Kit 2.0.
  • Altered the definition of a Tweet in the Developer Agreement and Developer Policy in line with our recent announcement.
  • Added language to section I.H.1.a. of the Developer Policy to account for the recently announced Twitter Kit with MoPub ads.
  • Updated language in section VII.A of the Developer Agreement to clarify our existing user protection policies.
  • Updated the title of section VII.B of the Developer Agreement regarding terms for government uses.

Please use the Rules and Policies category for questions related to these updates. You may also open a ticket with the Platform Support team via our form if you have a detailed inquiry related to specifics of our policies. Thanks!