Announcing changes to our Developer Policy and Developer Agreement


Today we published a new Developer Policy document. This guide replaces the previous Developer Rules of the Road. The main goals of this document are to be streamlined, clear and easy to understand, and also to incorporate updates reflecting new APIs, products and platform tools that are part of Twitter’s offerings.

In addition, we are also updating the Twitter Developer Agreement that applies when developers create applications that interact with the Twitter platform.

This is primarily a reorganization and rewording of the existing policies, but it does include a number of specific changes, some of which are highlighted here:

  • Added policy re: permission to share email address with developer upon authentication
  • Modified policy re: storing non-public content
  • Modified policy re: exporting tweets and user objects
  • Added requirement to inform users about use of cookies with Embeds
  • Modified policy re: monetizing actions
  • Added existing Cards development policies to the main Developer Policy document

We believe that these changes will help provide a better experience for everyone using Twitter, and that they unify and clarify our previous policy documents.

Be sure to read the actual documents, and use those for final reference in understanding how your applications can interact with the Twitter platform.