Announcement: Write Rate Limit Changes



Since earlier this year, we’ve been re-evaluating how we rate limit reads and writes in the Ads API so that we can grow these limits along with the API itself. As you already know, we recently unveiled a new cost-based read limit on Ads API analytics with the intent of improving overall read throughput and encouraging our best practices. In a few weeks, we’ll be making some changes to how we do write rate limits for all PUT, POST and DELETE requests across the entire API.

Today, we allow 2000 write requests / per user token / per 15 mins. Beginning on May 20th 2015, we’ll be increasing the number of write requests allowed in the same time period by 2.25x and decreasing the rate limit window dramatically. The new rate limit for all write requests will be 300 write requests / per token / per 1 min. This new rate limit will allow much higher write throughput, encourage better write distribution and reduce the delay time incurred when limits are exceeded.

We’re excited about providing this extra room for growth and our hope is that this will allow your platforms to grow alongside ours and provide the best experience possible for all advertisers on Twitter.

You can find information about current Ads API rate limits available here.