Announcement: Versioning strategy



In early 2016, we announced our versioning plan for the Ads API. While we’ve generally followed those guidelines—we released v1 on 2016-03-31 and v2 on 2017-07-10, for example—we want to do better.

We will release new versions in a predictable cadence. Each new version will include:

  • added features and functionality
  • breaking (backwards incompatible) changes

In the past, we would announce breaking changes in an unpredictable way. We want to minimize this. We plan on releasing a new version twice a year—around February and August. By having a consistent release cycle, we hope that planning for breaking changes becomes easier.

Between versions, we will continue to release new features as they’re available. We may have to release backwards incompatible patches mid-cycle, but this will be reserved for critical bugs.

For complete details, see our Versions documentation.

We look forward to continuing to improve the developer experience.

Twitter Ads API Team

Given our release cycle, we will be announcing version 3 of the Ads API tomorrow, February 1, 2018.