Announcement: Twitter Profile Placement



As of today, Monday August 31st, we automatically show Promoted Tweets (PTws) from newly-created campaigns on Twitter Profile pages for all advertisers.

With this change, we also provide partners with the ability to opt in or out of showing ads on profile pages with the placements available on ad groups (line items). To opt in, simply utilize the new placement for the profile inventory, TWITTER_PROFILE or ALL_ON_TWITTER. To opt out, utilize the TWITTER_TIMELINE or TWITTER_SEARCH placements which do not include the profiles inventory.


Please also refer to our enumerations for available placement values.

Note: Historically, the placement TWITTER_TIMELINE by default would include both the timeline and the profile inventories for many advertisers. With the introduction of the new TWITTER_PROFILE placement, we will be removing the profile inventory from the TWITTER_TIMELINE placement.

Existing or past campaigns with the TWITTER_TIMELINE placement will not be affected by this change. Any campaign that could have served in profile ad inventory before Monday will have the TWITTER_PROFILE placement added to it for clarity.